Ancient Greek Reading Group

Ancient Greek (Koine) Reading Group

Mondays 12-1pm, Jessop West Hub 3

On Monday 8th February 2016 a weekly reading group for those interested in Ancient Greek will begin. The main focus will be Koine texts (3rd century BC – 3rd century AD), the most obvious being the New Testament, however this need not be the exclusive focus. The group is designed to be informal and help members keep up and add to existing grammar and vocabulary. Each week a different member will be asked to select a text they are interested in and work through the grammar and points of interest with the group. All levels of students are welcome to join whether their interests are biblical or otherwise, however at least some prior study of Ancient Greek, GCSE / A level / a beginners module at university, is preferable to get the most out of the group.
                                                                                                                                                                  If interested please contact Carrie Sawtell, PhD candidate in archaeology, at