Meet Norman!

Norman the Norman copy

Meet Norman, the Norman. You might recognise him from such Bayeux Tapestry scenes as ‘Here Duke William’s soldiers fight against the inhabitants in Dinan, and Conan handed over the keys’, ‘And here the soldiers hurried to Hastings to requisition food’, ‘Here fell the English and the French simultaneously in the battle’, and ‘Here King Harold was killed’. If you’d like to see more scenes with Norman, there are many websites which have the entire tapestry to view – two such sites are and

In celebration of the 950th anniversary of the Norman Conquest, we are having a day of informal talks by researchers of and public figures who are involved with the Norman Conquest. In particular, the focus is on the impact of the Conquest on the north of England. The celebration, CONQUEST 950, will take place on Friday, 20 May. See here for more information.

Alongside the conference, Norman has helpfully agreed to show us some of the Norman sites around Yorkshire (and a few other places). Norman has picked out a few sites he thinks will give us insight into the how he and his countrymen lived after 1066. So stayed tuned for Norman’s first adventure – but remember to patient with him. He’s only 4.6 centimetres tall (helmet included), so it takes him quite a while to get around (especially since he has no thumbs for hitchhiking, and sticking out his sword seems to have an adverse effect).

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