realmslogoREALMS (Researchers in Early and Late Medieval Studies) is a postgraduate discussion group and casual seminar series focused on bringing together medievalists from all disciplines. The goal is to create a relaxed environment to discuss ideas, as well as provide opportunities for the presentation of research, workshops, and guest lectures, which explore the breadth of study and research into the Middle Ages being carried out at Sheffield.

The group meets on Tuesdays (with occasional exceptions) every 4 weeks, so please contact REALMS or see the Facebook page for more detailed information about upcoming events. You can also find us on Twitter @ShefRealms.

Our current organizers are: Emma Green and Harry Mawdsley. We are looking for a new organizer for next year, so if any PG students are interested please contact us. Likewise, if you would be interested in speaking or sharing your research with REALMS please let us know.

Join us at 5pm on Thursday 9th March for our medieval themed pub quiz in the University Arms.