Past Events

Friday 4th November, 2016. ‘Divine Injustice in Antiquity and the Middle Ages’. Conference organised by Dr Charlotte Steenbrugge.

Wednesday 26th October, 2016. ‘Incense, Trade and the Global Ancient World’. A masterclass with Professor Nicholas Purcell (Oxford)

Friday, 20 May 2016. CONQUEST 950. Conference organised by Alyx Mattison and James Chetwood.

Friday, 18 March 2016: REALMS Lecture: ‘The Arthur of History and the Volcanic Winter of 536-7’, Dr Andrew Breeze (University of Navarra).
16, February 2016.  Prof. Stefan Esders (in association with HRI Fellowship Programme): masterclass and seminar.
A talk by Professor Elena Isayev (Exeter), which was part of the regular MARS program, was also in association with the HRI Fellowship Programme. Her talk was entitled, ‘No Migrants: Mobility in ancient Italy before borders’.

18th-20th September 2015. BABAO ANNUAL CONFERENCE:University of Sheffield

1st June 2015, Roundtable on Mobility: Movements, Transitions and Transformations. Keynote: Prof. Peter Heather (KCL): Migration in the First Millenium (working title)


5th November 2014: Celebration of Prof David Luscombe’s British Academy Medal and formal Launch of MARCUS

Prof David Luscombe is presented with a gift from MARCUS by DR Julia Hillner

Prof David Luscombe is presented with a gift from MARCUS by Dr Julia Hillner


Humanities Research Institute at 5pm






20th – 22nd November 2014, “Husbandry in the Western Roman Empire: a zooarchaeological perspective”


26th November 2014, Professor Tim Parkin (Manchester): Did they count? Numbers in Antiquity


12th December 2014

Photo by Hannah Probert

Dr. Glenn Foard speaks to REALMS


REALMS guest lecture by Dr Glenn Foard (Huddersfield) on ‘From Bosworth to Hastings: The Archaeology of Medieval Battles’

Humanities Research Institute, 5pm



4th February 2015 MARCUS Roundtable


28th May 2015, Sheffield Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Society Lecture:Dr Christine Wallis, (Sheffield): Writing a Good Book: Uncovering the Work of Anglo-Saxon Scribes


4th June 2015

Catherine Karkov 1

Catherine Karkov speaks to REALMS


REALMS guest lecture by Prof Catherine Karkov (Leeds) on ‘The Materiality of Writing in Anglo-Saxon England’.

Jessop West Exhibition Space, 5pm




12th to 14th November 2015, Society for Medieval Archaeology 2015 Student Colloquium: University of Sheffield