Occasional Events

The Late Antique and Early Medieval City.
A One-Day Workshop at the University of Sheffield
in honour of Dr Simon Loseby

Organised by MARCUS and the Centre for the History of the City
Conference hashtag: #LosebyFest

FREE (£10 donation recommended for lunch & refreshments) – but please register in advance on Eventbrite

Wednesday, 13 Sept, 2017, 6pm: special MARS paper for early arrivers
Venue: Jessop West, Room G03 (ground floor)

Robin Whelan (Oxford) – ‘One man, two guvnors: Christian identity and political service in late antiquity’
Chair: Danica Summerlin

Thursday 14th Sept 2017
Venue: 38 Mappin Street, Workroom 2

9.45 am. Coffee & registration

10am Introduction – Martial Staub

10.15.  Andrew Marsham – ‘Early Islamic Urban Settlement Patterns’
Chair: Julia Hillner

11.15. Coffee

11.30. Round table 1 – Comparisons
Chair: Mairin MacCarron
Rob Heffron – ‘Movement and Topography in Rome and Constantinople: A Comparison’
Andy Merrills – ‘”The crowd caught a whiff of that crazy Casbah jive”: urban life in the forgotten corners of post-Roman Africa’

12.30. Sandwich Lunch

1.30pm. Sarah Foot – ‘Bede’s Cities’
Chair: Charles West

2.30pm. Tea

3pm. Round table 2 – Reflections
Chair: Tom Brown
Eliza Hartrich – ‘Urban Decline and its Discontents: From Late Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages’
Andrew Heath – ‘The place of the Classical and Medieval in the Modern City’

4pm. Bryan Ward-Perkins – ‘Simon Loseby’s Late Antiquity’
Chair: Simona Latimer

5pm. End of Conference