Medieval and Ancient Seminar Series 2011-12

MARS is a seminar series that brings together the wealth of research conducted on the ancient and medieval worlds within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and beyond.

All talks begin at 4.15pm, in the HRI, unless otherwise indicated.

Semester 1, 2018-19.

10 September, 5pm, Diamond Lecture Theatre 8 – co-sponsored with SCEMS
Barbara Rosenwein (Loyola University Chicago), ‘What is the history of emotions?’

26 September (week 1) [38 Mappin Street Workroom 2]
Sarah Greer (St Andrews): ‘Hrotsvitha the historian: rewriting the past in the Primordia Gandeshemensis

17 October (week 4)
Paul Oldfield (Manchester): ‘Remembering innovation: Laity and Urban Commune in Twelfth-Century Southern Italy’

24 October (week 5) – [HRI seminar room]
Francisco Diaz Marcilla (Lisbon), ‘The Church and the Crown in Late Medieval Iberian Context: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology and Sources’

14 November (week 8) – PGR Session [HRI Seminar room]
Richard Gilbert (Hist) – ‘Late medieval and early modern South Yorkshire’
Emma Hook (Arch) – ‘Oblates and the disadvantaged: quasi-monastic care in later medieval society’

28 November (week 10)
Linne Mooney (York), ‘More Light on Thomas Hoccleve, Clerk of the Privy Seal, Londoner, and Friend of Chaucer’

5 December (week 11) – Jessop West G03
Ulriika Vihervalli (Hist), ‘Gender-based violence and royal women in late Roman Italy’

12 December (week 12)
Mattia Chiriatti (Alcalá/Sheffield): ‘Visual Display and the Construction of Memory in Gregory of Nyssa’s Hagiographic Homilies’

Semester 2

13 February (week 2)
Chris Mowat (Hist), ‘Neither priest nor priestess: Interpreting the Galli priesthood of ancient Rome through queer and non-binary gender perspective(s)’

27 February (week 4) – Hunter Society Session
Paul Johnson (Arch): ‘Conceptual geographies: exploring the articulation of social space in Roman Lusitania’

13 March (week 6) – Classical Association Session
Owen Hodkinson (Leeds) – ‘”She’s not deadly. She’s beautiful.” Reclaiming Medusa for Millennial Tween and Teen Girls?’

27 March (week 8) – PGR Session
Sarah Poniros (Arch) – ‘Experiencing Migration and Diversity in Roman Britain: A Multidisciplinary Approach’

Lamia Sassine (Arch) – ‘Elusive Phoenicians: Perceptions of Phoenician Identity and Material Culture as Reflected in Museum Records and Displays’

1 May (week 10) [Jessop Building, Room 116]
Brigitte Resl – ‘Thinking about Noah’s ark in the Middle Ages’

8 May (week 11) – Classical Association Session
Ian Haynes (Newcastle): ‘Recent research on Hadrian’s Wall’

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