Medieval and Ancient Seminar Series 2011-12

MARS is a seminar series that brings together the wealth of research conducted on the ancient and medieval worlds within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. This year’s programme (2016-17) covers topics ranging from childhood in Roman Egypt through to letter-writing in the French Renaissance.

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars are held at the Humanities Research Institute, Wednesdays at 5:30 pm – with refreshments from 5 pm. All welcome.

Semester 1, 2016/17

Intro Week (Weds 21 Sept)
Fraser McNair (Brussels)
‘Wrongdoing Kings and Disgruntled Bishops at the turn of the first millennium: a masterclass on the Historia Francorum Senonensis’
This ‘masterclass’ is sponsored by the Faculty Research Office

Week 2 (Weds 5 Oct)
Hugh Pyper (SIIBS)
‘Cassiodorus and the Crisis in Humanities’

Week 4 (Weds 19 Oct)
Danica Summerlin (Hist)
‘Councils, collections, and creating canon law in the central Middle Ages’

Week 6 (Weds 2 Nov) in collaboration with the Classical Association
April Pudsey (MMU)
‘Child in the Ancient City: Growing Up in Roman Egypt’


Week 7 (Weds 9 November)
Beatrice Triozzi (Arch)
‘A Biocultural study of the Vestini population of Loreto Aprutino: Diet, Health, Status, and Identity in the 6th–4th centuries B.C. in Central-Southern Italy’
Anna Reeve (Leeds)
‘From Enkomi and Klavdia-Tremithos in Cyprus to the Leeds City Museum’

Week 10 (Wed 30 November)

Book launch.
Blackwell’s at 5pm, with refreshments.
The two books to be ‘launched’ are:

Ralph Kenna, Mairin MacCarron and Padraig MacCarron (eds.), Maths meets Myths: complexity-science approaches to Folk-tales, Myths, Sagas and Histories (Springer Verlag, Understanding Complex Systems, Cham: 2016)

Julia Hillner, Jorg Ulrich, Jakob Engberg (eds.), Clerical Exile in Late Antiquity (Peter Lang, Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity, Frankfurt: 2016)

Both books present new work on quantitative approaches to the study of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

Week 11 (Weds 7 December)
Jon Jarrett (Leeds)
‘The Two Sorts of Judge in Tenth-Century Catalonia: administration, adjudication and governmentality’

Week 12 (Weds 14 December)
Barry Dixon (Sheffield)
‘Plato and the Rules of Dialogue’

Semester 2, 2016-17

Week 1 (Weds 8 Feb)
Charlotte Steenbrugge (English)
‘Questioning God’s Justice in the Middle English Abraham and Isaac Plays’

Week 3 (Weds 22 Feb)
Miriam Czock (Duisburg-Essen)
‘Legal brokers: Men in the middle in legal transactions of the early and high Middle Ages’
This paper is supported by a Faculty research grant

Week 5 (Weds 8 March)
Meredith Warren (SIIBS)
‘Shiny Happy People: Tropes of Light and Brilliance in Hellenistic Romance Novels’

Week 7 (Weds 22 March)
Isabel Richardson (Lang)
‘Godly agency in the Roman d’Eneas’
Mary Young (Hist)
“‘Totum mendacium et inutile”: the trials and tribulations of a ninth-century librarian’

Week 8 (Weds 29 March)
Daniele Miano (Hist)
‘The Public Fortune of the Roman People: notes on the history of a deity and a concept’

Week 9 (Weds 26th April)
Genetics and Migration Roundtable.
With Pragya Vohra (Leicester), Andy Grierson (SITraN), Katie Hemer (Arch) and John Moreland (Arch)
A informal roundtable to consider the benefits and risks of integrating new genetic data into our knowledge of the Middle Ages.

Week 10 (Weds 3 May) in collaboration with the Hunter Society
Efi Nikita (Arch)
‘Assessing the biocultural dimensions of identity in ancient Boeotia: first insights’

Week 12 (THURS 18 May, 7.30pm) in collaboration with the Classical Association and the Historical Association
Emma Stafford (Leeds)
‘Classical allegory in the Victorian-Edwardian north of England’.

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